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Name: EFS File Shredder
File Name: Shred.exe
File Size: 60 kB
Platform: Windows
Price: Free


The logo for the Shredder Utility

A command line utility that overwrites files with random data to prevent later recovery.


Shredder Screenshot


Shredder overwrites files with random data before deleting them, to help ensure that they cannot be recovered later. It is primarily intended as a programming exercise. Although it was successful in thwarting my own tests using Piriform's Recuva, I do not believe it's particularly secure and cannot recommend using it for anything that must be completely destroyed.



I made the shredder in an otherwise idle moment to investigate console programming with, and used it to destroy the last traces of viral infections I was trying to clean up. Once I secured a better internet connection, I replaced it with the Piriform Recuva shredder component.