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Name: Pregnant OXen
File Name: Oxen.jar
File Size: 16.3 kB
Platform: Any
Price: Free


The logo for the Pregnant Oxen game.

Ten simultaneous games of Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) woven into an unexpectedly tricky game..


OXen Screenshot


Tic tac toe, noughts and crosses, or whatever your name for that old game, becomes actually an interesting challenge once you slice each of the spaces on the board into 9 little boards in their own right, and then add rules allowing you to direct your opponents options with your move. It should be noted that although the goal is the same as in traditional Tic Tac Toe, the inaptly named Pregnant OXen requires a very different set of tactical skills.



I was advised to learn Java over the summer vacation, and a simple game such as tic tac toe was suggested as the ideal practice project. Having encountered this version of the game a few months earlier, I thought it would be more interesting and force me to be a bit more careful about my object orientated program design if I had to grow that game into this one with as few changes to the foundation code as possible.