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Name: GetAdmin
File Name: GetAdmin_Setup.exe
File Size: 755 kB
Platform: Windows
Price: Free


The logo for the GetAdmin Utility

GetAdmin provides a simple solution to the annoying UAC prompts in Vista or Windows 7 for the security conscious.


GetAdmin Screenshot A GetAdmin screenshot A GetAdmin screenshot


GetAdmin is primarily a tool to solve one problem: the annoying elevation prompts that people consider the face of User Account Control in Windows Vista or Windows 7. While it is possible to simply disable UAC, this substantially reduces the security of a computer against viral or cracker attacks. It also causes problems if and when UAC is later turned back on.

GetAdmin offers a partial solution this problem by allowing a user to elevate just one program: GetAdmin itself; and have subsequently run programs automatically execute as an administrator. This means that while performing a series of administrator tasks such as when configuring a new computer, a user only has to face the infuriating prompts once. As soon as the computer restarts or GetAdmin closes, the machine is perfectly secure under the care of UAC.



GetAdmin was my favourite of four projects I undertook for my IGCSE IT coursework, and the one on which I scored the lowest mark. Also incidentally, I still don't like jumping through arbitrary hoops and meeting mindless targets that make the best designed and most practically useful project rate lower than a word document for a fictional tradesman. Nevertheless, with my GCSE safely out of the way I'll distribute the useful GetAdmin online, and archive or delete the word document to free hard disk space for more interesting things.