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Name: Ehsanit Team Tally
File Name: ETT.exe
File Size: 257 kB
Platform: Windows
Price: Free


A screenshot of the ETT controls

ETT is a quizmaster control program, allowing multiple teams' scores to be projected onto a screen.


The ETT Controls. The ETT Controls for the Timer Module. The
			projected screen. The configuration screen used for picking fonts and colours.


ETT stands for Ehsanit Team Tally, a simple program for displaying scores on a screen. It can divide the screen into 1, 2 or 4 sections with a different score in each. In addition, a clock module allows a game master to display a prominent count down of how much longer a team has to solve a puzzle or complete a task.

The numbers themselves display on a transparent background, so whatever screen is otherwise below will continue to shine through. If nothing else is running that will simply be the desktop image, but one could have any sort of designs or even videos in the background.



The first implimentation of ETT was intended for a single use 2 team score system made for my father's use in a church sermon. It's early demise was not to be, however, since the youth leader at the church asked just how the trick had been accomplished, and when told requested the upgraded version ETT eventually became.