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Name: EMM MasterMind
File Name: MasterMind.exe
File Size: 263 kB
Platform: Windows/Linux
Price: Free


The logo for the Ehsanit MasterMind game

EMM is an electronic implimentation of the board game Mastermind for playing alone or with a friend.


Mastermind screenshot A Mastermind screenshot A MasterMind screenshot


Mastermind is a board game between two players, the first of whom sets out a code made with up to four colours of pegs out of a selection of 6 possible colours. The second is then tasked to identify this code in a series of guesses, helped with information about how many pegs for each guess are correct and how many match the peg in a different position in the code.

This software provides a virtual copy of the board game. The human player assumes the task of the codebreaker, while the computer generates a random code and provides the appropriate responses to the guesses. In addition a 2 player mode is available, allowing another human to choose the code, and a special "Forensic Mastermind" game in which the first 9 of 10 guesses are made randomly by the computer and the human left to pick through the clues and discover the code with zero margin for error.



I originally wrote a single implementation of Mastermind in QuickBasic, and decided to upgrade the ugly looking program to the current version while bored for a day on a beach holiday. Part of my motivation for the project was to experiment with graphics in VB, but in the process I actually managed to make a game that I still enjoy playing. I can't stand the standard mode, but the Forensic module is a reliable source of quick but enjoyable puzzles.