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Name: Ehsanit LAN Messenger
File Name: ELM_Installer.exe
File Size: 72 kB
Platform: Windows (on .Net)
Price: Free


The leafy Elm Messenger bot.

A program for sending short textual messages from one computer to another on a local network.


An ELM screenshot.


ELM is most useful in a family or small group setting for sending short messages from one computer to another. It actively maintains a list of all computers on the local network which are running copies of ELM, and a list of tick boxes is available for sending to multiple recipients at the same time.

ELM will minimize to the notification area (near the clock) when not in use so as to be available for receiving messages from others. It will also automatically start when the user logs onto the computer.



I was asked to write ELM by my Dad shortly after moving back to the UK. For a long time it seemed just beyond my limit as a programmer, as the more complicated principles of P2P networking threw error after error and the program couldn't detect any other copies running on the network. About 18 months after my initial start, I decided to completely discard all the previous work and started and completed the program within two days.

I'm continuing to develop ELM, and have since added a short message history and made other small alterations.