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Name: Cypher Kit
File Name: Cypher.exe
File Size: 461 kB
Platform: Windows (on .Net)
Price: Free


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An introductory platform for working with basic codes, including designing them, using them, and cracking them.


An ECK screenshot. An ECK screenshot. An ECK screenshot.


ECK allows the user to choose any substitution cypher with which to encode or decode simple strings of text. It is intended primarily to provide an introduction into the world of cryptography, and provides further information about common noteworthy cyphers and techniques such as frequency analysis.

ECK is not intended to provide serious security and cannot be used to encrypt files.



The idea that computers could be used in cryptography is literally as old as computers themselves; the machines were developed by the military principally to break the encoded communications of a wartime enemy. ECK itself is far less venerable, it's just a nagging project that I wanted to get written up.