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Name: ECD Computer Diary
File Name: Diary.exe
File Size: 82.5 kB
Platform: Windows/Linux
Price: Free


The logo for the Ehsanit Computer Diary

ECD allows the user to safely store their thoughts and memories of each day, encrypted and password protected from prying eyes.


An ECD screenshot. An  ECD screenshot. An  ECD screenshot. An  ECD screenshot.


ECD is an electronic implimentation of the conventional narative diary/journal/log. It can be used by a confused mind to record the day's peculiar events, whether they be a great sports game, first kiss, or fiery row. It could be used to jot down the peculiar musings that people have. It could equally be used as a prayer diary, reading and book review log, or anything else that involves storing short passages of text.

In addition, it affords substantially more security than a pen and paper implementation of such a log or diary, with all the text being encrypted and protected with a password.



Unlike most of my software, I do consider ECD to really belong to someone else. I originally developed the software as a birthday present for a good friend, and still think of the months of work I put into it as being exclusively hers. It was on that basis that when she decided that Ubuntu Linux would make for a superior operating system, I set about redesigning and rewriting the software to ensure it was compatible with Mono on that platform. Nevertheless, and knowing that she's not a selfish sort anyway, I am continuing to develop it and distribute it free of charge.