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Name: ClockIt
File Name: ClockIt.exe
File Size: 221 kB
Platform: Windows (on .Net)
Price: Free


The logo for the Clockit Utility

A very simple program for setting yourself a time limit and monitoring how far through it you are.


A Clockit screenshot. A ClockIt screenshot.


Clockit measures how much time has elapsed since the user clicked "start", and displays how much remains from a time limit. It therefore serves as a kind of electronic egg timer, though being digital it is rather more precise and easier to pick a different time limit on each run.

Target times can be given as a single number, interpreted by default as being in seconds, or in hh:mm:ss notation.



ClockIt was thrown together rather hastily during a short break from exam revision, with the intended purpose being to time myself when doing practice papers. It has proved a very useful little program to have around, particularly being of an inexplicably geeky disposition. Clockit continues to remind me of little things like not burning food.