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This page contains a sample of some of the software I've developed. You're welcome to download and run it. You are encouraged to provide me with comments and bug reports of any nature.

While I simply refuse to write malware, I must recommend that you scan all downloads with your antivirus program before running them.

ECD: Computer Diary

ECD allows the user to safely store their thoughts and memories of each day, encrypted and password protected from prying eyes.

The logo for the Ehsanit Computer Diary

ELM: LAN Messenger

ELM is used for sending short textual messages from one computer to another on a local network.

The leafy Elm Messenger bot.


GetAdmin provides a simple solution to the annoying UAC prompts in Vista or Windows 7 for the security conscious.

The logo for the GetAdmin Utility

EMM: Master Mind

EMM is an electronic implimentation of the board game Mastermind for playing alone or with a friend.

The logo for the Ehsanit MasterMind game

Quantum Frisbee

A two player arcade style game of trying to chuck a projectile at a target, plus quantum wierdnes.

A snapshot from QFrisbee

ECK: Cypher Kit

An introductory platform for working with basic codes, including designing them, using them, and cracking them.

The logo for ECK

ETT: Team Tally

ETT is a quizmaster control program, allowing multiple teams' scores to be projected onto a screen.

A screenshot of the ETT controls

Pregnant OXen

Ten simultaneous games of Noughts and Crosses (Tic Tac Toe) woven into an unexpectedly tricky game.

The logo for the Pregnant Oxen game


A very simple program for setting yourself a time limit and monitoring how far through it you are.

The logo for the Clockit Utility


A command line utility that overwrites files with random data to prevent later recovery.

The logo for the Shredder Utility