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In addition to the obvious programming, I enjoy engaging with many other aspects of the virtual universe. This includes using computers for graphics or audio editing, solving puzzles, and repairing or tuning the machines as the occasion demands. In an attempt to put my developing skills to a good use, I volunteer on a number of computer support fora. The most significant of these is Tech Support Guy, where I've been helping under the pseudonym of "Ent" to both answer questions and to develop the wiki based Library of Knowledge.

Outside of said virtual universe, I also enjoy science, philosophy, debating, debating the philosophy of science, playing chess, solving riddles, and reading about any topic I can wrap my head around. When I'm feeling less geeky, I have also been known to go for a run or engage in a little bit of swordplay.


My parents were Christian Missionaries for a total of 10 years to Southern Africa, five of which was spent in Zimbabwe and five in Mozambique. I was born in Zimbabwe, and so have lived approximately half my life thus far in Africa. Because we moved around so much, I've lived for significant amounts of time in 9 cities and attended 10 different schools including a number of years of Home School.